• Kamaishi, RUGBY TOWN

    Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, is continuing along the path to recovery following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster of 2011. With the triple strengths of steel, fish and rugby built into the DNA of its people, the rebuilding process has been fortified with the city’s indomitable spirit.

  • Rugby World Cup 2019

    Through the Rugby World Cup 2019™, Kamaishi wants to take the opportunity to show its gratitude to the rest of Japan and the world for the support it has received, and looks forward to the new pride and hope for the future that the tournament will bring.

  • Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

    The Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, host venue for the Rugby World Cup 2019™, is currently under construction in the Unosumai district and set for completion in Summer 2018.

  • Interviews and Columns

    Interviews and articles documenting the history of rugby in Kamaishi, from the golden era of the Nippon Steel Kamaishi team, to the present.

  • We advance!With the spirit of Rugby. IWATE-KAMAISHI JAPAN UNO-SMILE CM TEAM

  • Kamaishi is a fantastic rugby town



    Located on the rugged coastline of Iwate Prefecture in Northeast Japan, Kamaishi City is known as “The City of Steel, Fish and Rugby”, due to its history as a steel manufacturing town, its delicious seafood and deep love for Rugby.


    Kamaishi Ramen is a regional variety exclusive to Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture, characterized by its fine, curly noodles and light, amber-colored soy sauce-based soup.