Miyako Shokudo

みやこ食堂 釜石ラーメン
Miyako Shokudo was established in 1963 in the district of Nakazuma-cho. The restaurant interior hasn’t changed much since then, maintaining its warm and nostalgic “Showa Era” feel. The gentle aroma of dashi stock emanating from the kitchen will instantly whet your appetite.
みやこ食堂 店内
Japanese-style menu featuring udon and soba noodle dishes.

Restaurant Information

The store is run by an elderly couple, and may experience longer waiting times during busy lunch periods. We look forward to welcoming you in store.

Name Miyako Shokudo
Address 1-15-11 Nakazuma-cho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, 026-0034
Phone +81-193-23-6150
Open 11:30-17:00
Closed Sundays, Public Holidays
Parking None

Information current as of May 2015. Business hours may have changed.

みやこ食堂 外観
The navy curtain in the doorway with the Miyako mark has been in place for many years.
みやこ食堂 店内
大The bistro-style atmosphere still remains

Recommended Menu Items

みやこ食堂 釜石ーラメン
Kamaishi Ramen ¥500 – An eye-catching ramen with thickly sliced bamboo shoots
みやこ食堂 天ざる
The Tempura Soba has many customers coming back for more