青龍 釜石ラーメン
Located in Omachi , in the center of town, Seiryu first opened in 1981. Surrounded by other bars and restaurants, it became a popular Chinese restaurant where customers would go to enjoy one last bowl of ramen on a night out. The restaurant and adjoining residence were destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, but reopened a new store in the same area in March 2012.
Seiryu’s Kamaishi Ramen is garnished with roast pork, bamboo shoots, seaweed and sliced fish cake, and has a traditional, light flavor. The popular Miso Champon contains a generous serving of shellfish in a thick soup, and a spicy seasoning can be added to taste, while the specials menu also brings in many long-term customers.
青龍 味噌チャンポン
The Miso Champon with its thick soup.

Restaurant Information

We look forward to welcoming you in store.

Name Seiryu
Address 3-10-8 Omachi, Kamaishi City, 026-0024
Phone +81-193-22-1843
Open 11:30-13:30 / 17:30-22:15
Closed Sundays
Parking None

Information current as of May 2015. Business hours may have changed.
青龍 外観The reopened store, post-disaster
青龍 店内
The tatami floor seating room in the back can cater for small parties

Recommended Menu Items

青龍 釜石ラーメン
Kamaishi Ramen ¥550 – Slightly sweet with smooth noodles
青龍 味噌チャンポン
Miso Champon ¥800 – A popular menu item that can be made spicier to taste