たまり屋 釜石ラーメン
Tamariya is located in Kosano-cho and has been running for over ten years. As it is connected to the pharmacy next door, there is spacious parking available. It offers either counter or table seating, as well as tatami-floor tables. A casual ramen restaurant to visit on your own or with the whole family.
In addition to the famous Kamaishi Ramen there is also the heavier Tamari Soy Sauce Ramen, as well as a number of seasonal special items on the menu. If you order an extra large serving of noodles with your kokudare ramen, you will receive a small bowl of rice free of charge.
たまり屋 こくだれ醤油ラーメン
Kokudare Soy Sauce Ramen with thick slices of roast pork

Restaurant Information

Please try our local Kamaishi Ramen at least once. Several other ramen varieties are also available.

Name Tamariya
Address 4-1-4 Kosano-cho, Kamaishi City, 026-0052
Phone +81-193-25-0560
Open 11:30~15:00 / 17:30~20:00
Closed Wednesdays
Parking 20 spaces available

Information current as of May 2015. Business hours may have changed.
たまり屋 外観
Located next door to the pharmacy.
たまり屋 店内
Counter, table and tatami-floor seating available.


Recommended Menu Items

たまり屋 釜石ラーメン
Kamaishi Ramen ¥550
たまり屋  こくだれ醤油ラーメン
Kokudare Soy Sauce Ramen ¥680