Shinkaen Main Store

新華園本店 釜石ラーメン
Shinkaen first opened in Kamaishi in 1951 after moving from Sendai. The store relocated twice within Kamaishi, before opening in their current location in 1976. There are an additional two stores within the city bearing the Shinkaen name, all under the same family management, with younger business owners all undergoing training from the older generations before going independent. Shinkaen is well-loved by the locals as one of the original makers of Kamaishi Ramen, and with Taiwanese family heritage, the restaurant also serves delicious and highly popular Chinese style cuisine.
新華園本店 明星カップ麺
Shinkaen Instant Ramen was sold country-wide by Myojo Foods Co. in February 2015

Restaurant Information

Open for business thanks to everyone’s support. With a distinctive flavor that has been preserved for generations, we are doing our best to help Kamaishi’s recovery. We look forward to welcoming you instore.

Name Shinkaen Main Store
Address 2-1-20 Omachi, Kamaishi City, 026-0024
Phone +81-193-22-1888
Open 11:00-15:00 / 17:00〜20:00
Closed Tuesdays
Parking 5 spaces available

Information current as of May 2015. Business hours may have changed.
新華園本店 外観
Damaged in the disaster, the storefront has been carefully restored.

Recommended Menu Items

新華園本店 釜石ラーメン
Kamaishi Ramen ¥530 – Extra fine and curly noodles in a light soup. Bamboo shoots have been sliced extra thinly to match the style of noodles.
新華園本店 とりレモン
Lemon Chicken ¥800 – A popular menu item with many repeat customers.