Kamaishi Ramen Association Restaurants

Kamaishi Ramen Association Restaurants

There are currently 21 restaurants across Kamaishi that are official members of the Kamaishi Ramen Association. As each store has its own special characteristics and unique take on the classic recipe, try them all and compare the subtle differences in flavor.


  • Ayutoku

    あゆとく 外観

    Well established restaurant serving everything from Chinese to authentic Western style, as well as udon and soba noodle dishes.

    1-1-35 Kaminakashima-cho

  • Uogashi Shokudo

    魚河岸食堂 外観

    Located directly in front of the seafood market with close ties to the fishing industry.

    1-1 Shinhama-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Eki-Mae Shokudo

    駅前食堂 外観

    Enjoy the atmosphere of a harbor-side fish market.

    1F Sun Fish Kamaishi, 2-1 Suzuko-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Ecchan Ramen

    えっちゃんラーメン 外観

    A homely restaurant with popular hand-made gyoza dumplings.

    3-15-8 Nakazuma-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Kamaishi Sarashina

    釜石更科 外観

    A soba restaurant also popular for its ramen.

    1-1-26 Kosano-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Kikuya

    喜久舎 外観

    Traditional ramen and Shiokoji-based dishes.

    2-6-22 Owatari-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Café Aidoru

    喫茶あいどる 外観

    Authentic specialty ramen served in a café atmosphere.

    3-5-3 Omachi, Kamaishi City

  • Kudo Butcher Restaurants

    工藤精肉店食堂部 店内

    Generous servings in a restaurant-cum-butcher shop

    2F Chuo Building, 1-1-2 Owatari-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Kontoki

    こんとき 外観

    Long-standing and well-loved restaurant. The perfect place to enjoy a final bowl of ramen after a night out.

    Hamayuri Shopping District, 14 Suzuko-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Shokujidokoro Sano

    食事処さの 外観

    A couple-owned and operated store with delicious recipes unchanged since its inception.

    1-4-38 Kosano-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Shinkaen Branch Store

    新華園支店 ラーメン

    Reopened in its post-disaster location from June 2015.

    1-8-13 Omachi, Kamaishi City

  • Shinkaen Main Store

    新華園本店 外観

    The original makers of Kamaishi Ramen.

    2-1-20 Omachi, Kamaishi City

  • Shinkaen NAKAZUMA

    新華園NAKAZUMA 外観

    Serving original homemade fine and curly noodles.

    3-14-12 Nakazuma-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Shinraiken

    新来軒 外観

    With the popular extra spicy offal.

    3-16-14 Sadanai-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Seiryu

    青龍 外観

    Miso Champon in addition to the classic ramen.

    3-10-8 Omachi, Kamaishi City

  • Dairen

    大連 外観

    Located in the Town Port Omachi building next to Kamaishi Omachi Square.

    1F Town Port Omachi, 1-2-10 Omachi, Kamaishi City

  • Tamariya

    たまり屋 外観

    Serving the popular strong ramen with Tamari Soy Sauce.

    4-1-4 Kosano-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Bus Ramen Kawashima

    バスラーメンかわしま 外観

    Long-running mobile restaurant serving its original ramen.

    1-8-11 Nakazuma-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Marusei Shokudo

    まるせい食堂 店内

    Neither the store, the flavor or the prices have changed since opening in the 1970s.

    2-3-40 Noda-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Mie Shokudo

    三重食堂 外観

    A popular and unchanged ramen shop.

    1-4-5 Ogawa-cho, Kamaishi City

  • Miyako Shokudo

    みやこ食堂 外観

    A long-standing restaurant unchanged since it first opened.

    1-15-11 Nakazuma-cho, Kamaishi City